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+ name.Marissa
+ age. 15
+ taken?nope
+ 3 fun facts about you. Veg. Legal midget. I will sing and dance for you if you ask.


+ Disney movie? Lion King
+ actor/actress? Christian Slater and Natalie Portman.
+ sport? hah I am a cheerleader. Played soccer.
+ type of music? no particular genre
+ type of person? I am out going, charismatic, intelligent, original, and I just don’t give a fuck.
+ band(s) of all time??Atreyu and The Used for sure. A Beautiful Epiphany, As I lay Dying, Bleach, The Bled, Charlie Hustle, The Chariot, Cursive, Darkest Hour, HORSE The Band, Jack’s Mannequin, Norma Jean.

+ type of weather? Rainy.


+ what did you eat this morning? coffee.
+ what did you wear today? pants, shoes, green socks, black sweater.
+ why are applying here? The name caught my attention and I read the story and I was sad that ther other communities died. I can keep this one alive.
+ where does the rain mainly stay? In the clouds.
+ what have your hopes/dreams/goals (realistic or not) been lately? Getting new hair, better grades, new people, license, sidekick.


+ So the other day I was walking & I saw a puppy and it made me want one even more.
+ One time at a bowling ally I peed my pants.
+ After the monkeys stole my mom's plate they fuckin’ killed her.
+ Scenesters are nonexsistant… kidding. Overrated.
+ My eyes are so dilated because it’s dark in my house… are you thinking drugs?


+ 4+ pictures of you
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Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
+ promote us in your info OR a public entry in your journal & send us the link.
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